Apple Mac Pro using ProTools 11 and Logic Pro 10

Toft Audio ATB 16 Analog Console

2Universal Audio Apollo 16's- 32ch total

Mackie ONYX 1642 w FireWire card

2 Neve 33122a preamp/eq 

2 Neve VR Channel strips- line/mic preamp/ eq/compression/gate/hi-lo pass filters

2 Avalon Vt 737 sp preamps

1 Avalon U5 DI

Dual Vintech 72 preamps

Avid Eleven guitar interface

1 Digitech VTP-1 dual preamp

Genelec monitoring system

Yamaha NS-10 monitoring system

Trident HG3 monitoring system

Digidesign 002, Digidesign ProTools HD2 Accel 2 Focusrite Saffire Pro40 and Mackie SDR 24 for field recording


AKG    C-12 VR, 414 TL, 451 B matched pair, CK-91 D-112

Neumann  M 147, U87 AI, KM 184, 2 Stereo matched pairs KM184

Telefunken   CU-29 Copperhead

Cascade  3 Fathead Ribbon mics

Peluso   47

Shure   SM57, Beta 58, 3 SM-58s

RODE  2 NT-2 mics, NT-1

Electro Voice   3 ND-457s and vintage Shotgun mic

DPA    4061and d:vote


Lowden  S10-C, RT-1, S-22 12 string, O and S model Millennium Twins, S-25J

Fender  Strat Plus Deluxe, Tele Plus, Jaguar, Precision Bass, fretted and fretless Jazz Basses, Jerry Donahue Tele

PRS   Custom 24, P22

Warwick  Corvette 4-string fretless bass

Martin   00-28 Eric Clapton signature model 

Santa Cruz   Tony Rice model

Rickenbacker  330 electric 12-string

Danelectro   Electric 12-string guitar

Gibson    Les Paul Standard,vintage lap steel and wooden body Dobro, 1948 L-50

Hammond Organ   C3

BMI   double neck pedal steel

Yamaha   GA-1 6 foot Baby Grand piano

Roland    JX-8P, GI-10 Guitar- MIDI Converter




Fender 1967 Bassman , Bronco, Super Champ, Deluxe

Mesa Boogie  Lonestar

Music Man RD-112

SWR California Blonde

David Eden Nomad

even an Esteban special

various hand percussion toys and bells